What is dream.play.live?

dream.play.live is a movement. A movement with a mission to provide affordable, 100% customisable housing at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional home construction.

We use a process of 3D printed onsite construction and an interactive virtual design simulator for you to design and play with your future home.

Play is our greatest gift, it allows us to dream and imagine new possibilities.

So at dream.play.live we celebrate this by providing an open playground for you to design your dream home, interact with it, even order a scale printed version of it… We want you to have lived in your home even before you start to build it. To love it before you’ve lived it.

If you are not into designing yourself, no worries, the dream.play.live community have a wide range of homes they have designed for you to chose from and modify to your liking.

How does it work?

With dream.play.live you can play with all the possible variations of your dream home through your avatar, let you, take you, on a tour of your new life. Pick walls, floors, and even furniture!

When you like what you see, click print, literally! When you are ready a specialist from from the dream.play.live dream team will work with you to make sure your site and council regulations are all in order and then your new home will be on it’s way to you.

Welcome home.