The house in your video looks familiar? Haven’t I see it somewhere before?

Yes, you have. It draws its inspiration from the famous Farnsworth House, designed in 1945 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The Farnsworth House was built as a versatile retreat for a couple who had varied interests and it has become an icon of modern architecture that has been emulated all over the world.

It is now a heritage museum just outside of Chicago, and when PLACE’s founder, Sarah, visited the Farnsworth House, it was love at first sight.

The Farnsworth House, and it’s designer, became one of the inspirations for PLACE, and from a practical perspective, it lends itself really well to what PLACE is trying to achieve. It is modular in design and just the proportions required for offsite construction. It is versatile, and versatility is essential.


Because PLACE lets you design from the ground up. If this isn’t your taste, that doesn’t matter. You can design something more to your liking using the construction elements in the game, or pick and customize PLACES that other players have designed. It is just here as a demonstration of what is possible in PLACE.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, famously said that, ‘A house is a floor and a ceiling, all else is perspective and nature,’ and that is a founding principle for PLACE.

How does the house build part work?

Once you have designed the house you like, you simply order it, pay a deposit, and the model you have built forms the specifications that are sent through to our factories. The building is then constructed. Through the game, you can track your build with a live feed from our quality control systems and are notified every step of the way, by our in-game artificial intelligence, Poppy.

Our processes are commonly used by large-scale hotel manufacturers, and adhere to your local construction standards. We use light gauge steel frames and cellulose insulation, and your selection of finishes, windows, doors, and roofing options.

If you have also opted to partially or completely furnish your place, then your items will be securely packaged and stored inside the module and can be unpacked upon delivery.

‘Unboxing’ is serious business here at PLACE, and we make sure your PLACE is like unwrapping a present, the biggest present you will ever buy yourself because it very well could be!

 Why Light Gauge Steel?

Light Gauge Steel Framing combines the advantages of wood frames with those of steel. Moreover, light steel frames compare well to wooden frames because they are lighter, dimensionally stable, less susceptible to the weather and resistant to pests.

They are 100% non-combustible, termite proof, won’t shrink or warp and are precision engineered.

Why Cellulose Insulation?

Our cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper, which means it’s one of the most environmentally friendly insulation options on the market. The paper that would otherwise end up as the landfill is pulverized into smaller fibers and treated with boric acid and borax as fire and pest retardants – both very common products with very low environmental impacts, an adhesive is added too, to help the insulation cling together and prevent settling.

What about site works?

Site works will need to be conducted by a local registered building professional and PLACE can get you in touch with local builders in your area, simply enter your postcode or area code and our in-game AI, Poppy, will help connect you with a number of local builders who are familiar with our techniques and who can help you with site works and installation.

PLACE connects you with local builders and we respect the local building community and small businesses, and we recognize the critical role they play in economies the world over.

What about council approvals?

Where possible the PLACE platform leverages a cutting-edge regulation technology, and if your council has signed on, all you have to do is enter your postcode and we will let you know what regulations and costs apply to you and what you need to do.

If drawings need to be submitted to the council, you can simply click ‘share’ from your model and a 3D model with accompanying information will be sent via email to your local council. You can even share the content directly with your neighbours – should their approval be required also.

What are the costs?

We pride our ourselves on being 20% cheaper per square meter than the average for a bespoke build. For example, a 60 square meter, two bedrooms with a bathroom and kitchen can be delivered to you for $90,000 (excluding site work costs, transportation and council approval costs which will vary for each individual situation).

This is a saving of about $20,000 on a traditional bespoke construction project.

Costs will, of course, be totally unique to your design, based on your preferences for fixtures, fitting and project size. What is important to know is that each individual element you add in your design is individually priced, giving you complete project cost transparency and control from start to finish.

How long does it take?

We aim for a 30-day turnaround for factory construction – depending on the building scale. So all things considered, your project should be complete in 90 days.

If you have any other questions, please contact us here, we are happy to help.

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